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Cobanermani456 Edit

  1. Personality-wise, Cobi is a down-to-earth, kind, level-headed, outgoing, smart, sweet, cute, and pleasant 17-year-old LPlayer and a HUGE Sonic the Hedgehog fan(me too). Although usually level headed, he can quickly become hyped up and show a more playful, whimsical and erratic personality when he really likes a game he is LPlaying (showing this persona for games like Sonic Generations, Sonic Colors) he'll usually call this "little fanboy moments".

|+awsome guy |- ! scope="row"|funny ! scope="col"|dying alot in games |- ! scope="row"|keeps on making videos | has alot of viewers |- ! scope="row"|cooky |makes alot of references |} "SKADOOSH!"

Despite his fun and quirky personality and positive outlook on life, when pushed too far or provoked he can be sarcastic, sassy, and somewhat cocky, has a very fiery temper, and can be extremely fierce when angered, raged, or annoyed. When he explodes (sometimes literally), he calls these "rage moments." However this only happens when things don't go quite his way when doing LP's, when people like Blahblahlps annoy him, or when the game Sonic 06 is being brought up. When LP's go awry, he calls this the "LP curse". Cobi truly does love doing LP's, sees it as a significant part of his life, is deeply appreciated and dedicated to his fans, and though I never met him, he seems like a totally awesome guy.

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