cobanerami456 played nsmb2 very well and unlocked secret stages and cool things like that.i will tell you how coby started this walk through and how good he is at nsmb 2 also a few info on nsmb2.

At the start of this work through coby started kinda good as i know that becuases i watched him play it,he knew how to get  all of the star coins on the first level probably becuase all the first stages in super mario games are very easy or becuase he had the tanooki leaf wich is AWESOME!!! and can fly great height so he can reach star coins. new new

new super mario bros 2 is the seqeal to new super mario bros on the ds.nsmb 2 is so awesome coz the piont of it is to collect 10000 or something coins and coby said that he liked it too  on his gold rush walkthrough.the new power ups in this game are the gold flower and the gold block head.

GOLD FLOWER:gives you the power to break bloxx and destroy enemies within this much space (----------------).this power up is one of the best in the super mario series allong with the tanooki leaf which is also in nsmb2.

GOLD BRICK HEAD:once you get all of the coins out of a coin carryin block a gold bloxck will replace it and if you hit it mario head goes in side it.when you run very fast you get lots and lots of coins  but when you run slow you get only ine coin.if you hit a enemy the bolck head will diappear.

                                                                      by dr.cool788.

                                                             one of cobanermani456's big fans :)